Distance learning

► Solves the problem of technicians and engineers being unavailable for long periods while away on classroom-based courses.

► a way for each learner to assimilate knowledge at his or her own pace, when he or she is available.

Our distance learning courses offer:

  • Online and CD-ROM-based resources
  • A forum and a messaging system
  • Online tutorials
  • Computer-based exercises
  • Process tracking
  • Face-to-face sessions (MG01fd)


To register :

Read the terms and conditions of use and sale (above) , sign and return the document together with the Registration form

On receipt, we will post to you, by registered delivery with acknowledgement of receipt, your login and personal code with which you can start your training.

Our training is classed as continuous professional training, and is covered by a training agreement. A certificate of attendance is issued at the conclusion of the course.
A variety of methods (tutor monitoring, recording of logins) allows a tutor to monitor the student's learning and ensure training is on track.